Jhenah Telyndru

Ithaca Red Tent

Red Tent Event banner

Jhenah is pleased to be involved in co-creating the Ithaca Red Tent. It is a place for ALL women, a place of safety and empowerment which is co-created by the women who enter the sacred space beyond the folds of the Red Tent. If you are local, please join in to manifest this transformative place where women can speak and be heard, weep and be held, laugh and be celebrated, give of themselves and have their sharings be received. What is the Red Tent? It is a place for women, created by women, where we can explore all that it means to be a woman.



First Sunday of Every Month
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Sacred Root Kava Lounge and Tea Bar
139 W State Street, Ithaca, NY **Geneva Street Entrance**

Please email ithac[email protected] to confirm time and date, as they may change.

Women of all ages and creeds are welcome!

Daughters of participants, aged 9 -18, are welcome to participate in the Maiden Tent — A Place for Girls.