Jhenah Telyndru

Guided Meditation Recordings

Journeys to Avalon

Using the Celtic technique of Imramma, journey to the Sacred Landscape of Ancient Avalon and reclaim the wisdom of the Priestess Within. In this spoken-word companion to her book “Avalon Within” (Llewellyn 2010), author Jhenah Telyndru guides you through Sacred Sites in the archetypal realm of Avalon on a quest for the Authentic Self. This is an invaluable resource for all who are called to Ynys Afallon — the Holy Island of Avalon.

A note about how to use this album:

– Each journey has three parts — Calling the Barge, the specific Immram, and the Journey Home; therefore, you will need to play three tracks during each meditation session for a complete experience. I suggest you program your mp3 player with these particular tracks (Track 2, the Immram track, and Track 9) ahead of time, so your journey will be seamless.

– Each journey is spoken word only; except for the introduction track, music and sound effects have consciously not been included to avoid overlaying an energetic tone to your Immram experience.

– The sound of a Silver Branch during the Immram marks places where you might consider pausing your mp3 player in order to spend time experiencing a certain aspect of your journey. You are also encouraged to pause the recording at any other point where you want to become more deeply immersed in the work.