Jhenah Telyndru


Here are a variety of magazines and journals in which Jhenah’s work has appeared over the years. Please consider subscribing and/or purchasing back-orders of these and other Pagan periodicals. Let’s support Pagan publishing; they carry the voices of our community!



Watkins Body Mind Spirit – Magazine

Spring 2019

In my article, “Seeking Sovereignty With Rhiannon”, I talk about how being in relationship with the Welsh Goddess Rhiannon can help women meet the rising call to reclaim their Sovereignty in the face of growing consciousness of injustice towards women, those who are “Other”, and to the very planet itself.




Sovereignty: Claiming Our Power

Issue 93 – Fall 2018

In “A Visit with Jhenah Telyndru: The Many Paths of the Priestess”, I am interviewed by Druid and author Johanna van der Hoeven. Join us as we discuss sovereignty, women’s empowerment, and the nature of being a priestess.




Circle Magazine


Issue 106 – Fall 2010

In “Sacred Breath”, I share a snapshot of personal pilgrimage framed in a reflection on the liminal essence of Glastonbury Tor as it straddles the realms of what was, what is, and what may yet be. The three-dimensional labyrinth carved into the slopes of the Tor provide an apt metaphor for this inner journey, as well as a portal into the Otherworldly mysteries of Avalon herself.

ChalicesCircleMagCircle Magazine

Sacred Chalices

Issue 104 – Fall 2009

My article “The Chalice and the Grail” discusses the history of Chalice Well in addition to my own experiences with this transformational site. In 2000, I was privileged to have the opportunity to climb down into the emptied shaft of the Chalice Well. The experience of being in the Well chamber is one of my life’s defining moments, and in the article, I do my best to share some of the awe and beauty of that incredible journey into the heart of the Sacred Well.

TheBeltanePaperscoverThe Beltane Papers

The Maiden’s Mysteries

Issue 41 – Fall 2007

This beautiful issue of The Beltane Papers features “She Lives In My Heart”, a very personal account of the ways in which I share the Path of the Goddess with my young daughter — and not always as the teacher.



CircleCovWI05Circle Magazine

Sacred Healing

Issue 43 – Fall/Winter 2005

This issue of Circle Magazine features “The Keening” — my first person account of the spiritual healing powers of this Celtic ritual of mourning.





Celtic Spirituality

Issue 43 – Autumn 2005

Along with Issac Bonewits and R.J. Stewart, Jhenah was interviewed for “Voices of Modern Druidry”, the cover story for PanGaia magazine’s special issue on Celtic Spirituality. Managing Editor and interviewer Elizabeth Barrett calls Jhenah “the mother of the Avalonian revival” and the scope of the piece helps place the Avalonian Tradition in the context of the modern Druidic movement.


Media Magic

Issue 25 – Autumn 2000

In this issue of PanGaias “Toe to Toe” feature, Jhenah Telyndru and Wren Walker explore the pros and cons of Pagan products targeted for minors, like Silver RavenWolf’s Teen Witch Kit .



web_cover_samhain02The Tor Stone: A Journey through the Mists

The Tor Stone is a Quarterly Journal of Women’s Mysteries published by the Sisterhood of Avalon. Jhenah’s writing has appeared in many issues of the journal, including her ongoing column To Part the Mists, and a multi-part exploration of Avalonian Sacred Sites.