Jhenah Telyndru


Jhenah Telyndru (MA, Celtic Studies) is the author of Avalon Within: A Sacred Journey of Myth, Mystery, and Inner Wisdom (Llewellyn, 2010), a book used by Avalonian women’s groups and solitary practitioners world-wide. Her spoken word album Journeys to Avalon: Immrama to the Holy Isle is a perfect companion to Avalon Within and an invaluable tool for anyone who is called to Ynys Afallon. The Mythic Moons of Avalon: Lunar and Herbal Wisdom from the Isle of Healing, the long-awaited follow-up to Avalon Within, will be released by Llewellyn in May 2019.

Jhenah is the creator of a unique system of trance journey postures keyed into the alchemical landscape energies of ancient Avalon; this tool for inner pilgrimage can be experienced on the beautiful instructional DVD Trancing the Inner Landscape: Avalonian Landscape Postures.

Evocatively illustrated by Emily Brunner, Jhenah developed and authored The Avalonian Oracle: Spiritual Wisdom from the Holy Isle, a beautiful 46 card oracle deck, with an accompanying 128 page book from Schiffer Publishing (2016).

Her Pagan Portals – Rhiannon: Divine Queen of the Celtic Britons (Moon Books, 2018) was very warmly received, and her next project with Moon Books, Pagan Portals: Blodeuwedd, will be published in late 2019.

She is a contributing author to several anthologies including Which Witch is Which? A Concise Guide to Wiccan and Neo-Pagan Paths and Traditions (New Page, 2004),The Scribing Ibis (Bibliotheca Alexandrina, 2011), Naming the Goddess (Moon Books, 2014), Flower Face: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Blodeuwedd (Ninth Wave Press, 2016), The Pagan Leadership Anthology: An Exploration of Leadership and Community in Paganism and Polytheism (Immanion Press, 2016), The Goddess in America (Moon Books, 2016), The Celtic Goddess (Moon Books 2018), and The Seven Ages of the Goddess (Moon Books, 2018) Jhenah’s work also has appeared in several annuals and datebooks published by Llewellyn and Ninth Wave Press, and has been featured in periodicals including Sage Woman, Witches and Pagans, PanGaia, The Beltane Papers, Circle Magazine, and The Tor Stone.