Jhenah Telyndru

Journey to Avalon – Registration Open for Next Online Course, Beginning June 1

Journey to Avalon: Walking the Path of the Priestess

An Exploration of Sovereignty and Service

Facilitated by Jhenah Telyndru

Tradition holds that the Island of Apples — abundant with orchards hanging heavy with the sacred Fruit of Wisdom — can be reached by undertaking a journey over the waters of mist-enshrouded lakes or out past the Ninth Wave of the Sea, that threshold boundary between what is Known and Unknown. Those who seek Avalon are called, then, to traverse the deep, reflective water of the Unconscious… to move through the layers of illusion that restrict our ability to see with clarity… to journey past the farthest reaches of our self-imposed limitations. It is then that we are able to reach that distant land, that Shining Isle of authentic wholeness that lies at the core of each of us.

If you feel called to make this journey, consider joining us as we co-create a safe and supportive circle of those who seek the Vessel of Sovereignty — that indwelling Cauldron of Transformation found in the souls of all women. It is by walking this path, and embracing the truth of who we are, that we birth forth our Priestess Self — the bridge that connects who we have been to who we are meant to become, while making choices in the here and now that are in alignment with our Truth. It is this Priestess Self that, in return, holds a space of supportive healing for others to come into their own Sovereignty, through the application of the Empowerment Midwifery model that is foundational to the Avalonian Tradition as practiced by the Sisterhood of Avalon, based on the work of Jhenah Telyndru.

Along the way, we will connect with ancient British Goddesses, encounter Otherworldly guides and guardians, become immersed in Brythonic Celtic lore and mythos, and learn to align our inner landscape with the cycles of nature around us … all while we discover and nurture the empowered Priestess Self within.

The Process

Journey to Avalon: Walking the Path of the Priestess is an immersive experience presented over the course of seven Moons. The program provides the seeker with lessons, workings, tools, and creative projects in support of connecting with, and birthing forth, the Inner Priestess — one who gives of herself in service to self, service to society, and service to source. For each Moon, the journeyer will receive, via email:

  • A short video introduction.
  • A pdf lesson filled with scholarly information, spiritual principles, and empowering guidance.
  • A guided meditation mp3 file.
  • Guidelines for making connections to, and building relationships with, the Celtic British Goddesses honored in the Avalonian Tradition.
  • Directions for creative projects in support of each Moon’s journey work.
  • Insightful journaling prompts, and catalytic self-reflective questions.
  • An examination of one of the keys of the Priestess Perspective in alignment with the Empowerment Midwifery model of the Avalonian Tradition.

Additionally, there will be a monthly online video check-in and Q&A session with facilitator, Jhenah Telyndru, and the other women walking this separate but parallel path beside you, as well as a community-building Facebook group open to Journeyers only. These last two offerings are recommended to enhance your experience, although participation is completely optional.

For registration materials and to learn more, please visit here.