Jhenah Telyndru



Jhenah is pleased to be presenting the following workshops at Paganicon 2017, in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

Reclaiming Blodeuwedd

Friday, March 17 at 3:30 PM in CDT

Delving deeply into the Fourth Branch of Y Mabinogi, we will peel back layers of myth, symbolism, and clashing cultural paradigms to reveal the heart of the tale of Blodeuwedd, the Flower Maiden who is transformed into an Owl. We will trace the evolution of the sovereignty motif as found in Irish, Welsh, and Arthurian mythos; make a case for the subtextual mytheme of Seasonality as underscoring the love triangle between Blodeuwedd, Lleu, and Gronw; and as we restore her reputation from Unfaithful Wife to Goddess of Sovereignty, we unearth the lessons she holds for all who seek her wisdom.

Fire in the Head: Igniting the Spark of Awen

Saturday, March 18 at 4:00 PM in CDT

The Bards and Druids of the ancient Celts sought the blessings of the Awen, or Divine Inspiration, to illuminate their art, and expand their spiritual sight in service to the Gods and their people. In reclaiming these paths to the Awen today, we look to ancient tools and modern techniques to activate this transformational energy in our lives. This workshop will discuss the lore and symbolism of the Awen, and will present several techniques which lay a foundation for the seeker to directly tap into the Source of Awen and obtain firsthand experience of its soul-changing power.

Jhenah will also be participating in the following panels:

Pagans With Cancer Roundtable

Friday, March 17 at 2:15 PM in CDT

Pagans, like all people, get cancer. But we don’t necessarily see illness through the same lense as society at large. Our methods of healing differ, as well. Ritual, energy healing, plant helpers, spirit guides, goddesses and gods, and more. Integrative therapy is a great first step, but support groups are often monotheistic if there is any spirituality, at all, we are often outsiders. What resources are available that are pagan friendly? What resources are missing? Share your cancer journey, healing rituals and tips. Moderated by Jane Hawkner, Stage IV cancer warrior.

Pagan Publishing

Saturday, March 18 at 10:15 AM in CDT

Thinking of getting published? Don’t miss this workshop! Get all your questions answered, including: where and how to submit your proposal, the timeline and the process, the money question, the agent question, covers and titles, working the publicity machine, and much more. Senior acquisitions editor Elysia Gallo from Llewellyn Publications will provide information on acquisitions, publicity, marketing, and distribution from the publisher’s perspective; Nels Linde, Tamara Siuda, Michael Merriam and Jhenah Telyndru will talk about the author’s experience with traditional publishers and self-publishing.

Journey to Our Own Personal Underworld

Sunday, March 19 at 11:15 AM in CDT

Shadow work is crucial as individuals, as a community, and as a society. Let’s dig through some of our more occulted aspects to see what treasures we find.

* How do we use ritual to ease moving through Shadow?

* What role can psychopomps play in personal work?

* How do we approach shadow work – as artists, as writers, as Pagans?

* What are we afraid to talk about in our spiritual practices?

Join us for a lively discussion, and bring your own perceptions and questions to share.