Jhenah Telyndru

Central New York Pagan Pride Day/Autumn Equinox Festival

CNYPPD2016The Central New York Pagan Pride Project’s Autumn Equinox Festival, on September 17, 2016, is the local observance of Pagan Pride Day for Syracuse, NY and the surrounding area. Jhenah is pleased to be spending the day connecting with the regional community as well as presenting the following:

Mapping Her Memory: Seeking the Goddesses of Wales

Embark upon a virtual pilgrimage through ancient sites in Wales as we seek out the Goddesses of the Mabinogi in the sacred landscape. Drawing upon decades of retracing the paths that legends have carved into the land, this presentation will feature striking visuals of sites associated with the Ladies of the Mabinogi, and will explore the archaeological, historical, and folkloric contexts of these mythic places. We will discuss the power of pilgrimage, and share journeying tools which can help to initiate or deepen relationships with powerful British Goddesses including Rhiannon, Branwen, Arianrhod, Blodeuwedd, and Ceridwen.