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2016 is turning out to be an abundant year for publication! In addition to the release of The Avalonian Oracle from Schiffer Books, a project I am working on for Ninth Wave Press based on my master’s thesis, the forthcoming book on Rhiannon that I am writing for Moon Books, and several ongoing book projects, I have essays, poems, and devotional invocations appearing in several Pagan anthologies thus far this year; I am doubly honored to have written introductions for two of them. As someone involved in both sides of the process through Ninth Wave Press, the publishing arm of the Sisterhood of Avalon, I celebrate this wonderful time for small press Pagan publishing; we are finding so many ways to make our voices heard, and to define ourselves in our own words. I hope you enjoy these offerings, and explore some of the other projects out there as well!

blodeuwedd-cover3aFlower Face: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Blodeuwedd

Edited by Kelly Woo and the Editorial Committee of Ninth Wave Press

With a Foreword and Introduction by Jhenah Telyndru

Ninth Wave Press, 2016 (Not yet released)

Whether she is simply a legendary figure from Medieval Welsh lore, or is in truth a Sovereignty Goddess once worshiped in Celtic Britain, there is no doubt that Blodeuwedd is celebrated and honored in modern times as a Divinity in her own right.

As part of the movement to understand the deeper significance which underscores her myth found in the Fourth Branch of The Mabinogi, here then is a collection of essays and meditations; poetry and songs; drawings and photographs; scholarly research and experiential encounters, which explore the nature of Blodeuwedd in all of her facets — remembering her mythos, reclaiming her Divine Status, and renewing her role as an initiatory Goddess who empowers us to be free.

In addition to the foreword and introduction, Jhenah has several pieces in this anthology, including the essays “Reclaiming Blodeuwedd”, “Maid of Flowers, Made of Flowers”, as well as several pieces of poetry.

The Goddess in America

The Goddess in America: The Divine Feminine in Cultural Context

Edited by Trevor Greenfield

Introduction by Jhenah Telyndru

Moon Books, 2016 (Not yet released).

I am honored to have written the introduction to this anthology by Moon Books, which will be available later in 2016, and to have my essay “The American Dilemma: Engaging in Non-Appropriative Pagan Practice” included.






Pagan Leadership AnthologyThe Pagan Leadership Anthology: An Exploration of Leadership and Community in Paganism and Polytheism

Edited by Shauna Aura Knight and Taylor Ellwood

Megalithica Books, 2016

ISBN: 9780993237164

The words “Pagan Leadership” are often met with scorn and tales of failed groups and so-called Witch Wars. And yet, as our communities grow and mature, we find ourselves in dire need of healthy, ethical leaders. Most Pagans have seen what doesn’t work. But what does? This anthology features over thirty authors, thirty essays, and decades of leadership experience sharing their failures and successes as leaders as well as showing you how you can become a better Pagan leader. Jhenah’s essay: “Creating Conscious Community: Avalon as Metaphor” appears in this anthology.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 8.29.14 AMAn Leabhar Urnaí: A Book of Celtic Reconstructionist Friendly Prayers

Edited by Maya St. Clair

Air n-Aithesc Press Books, 2016

A fantastic resource of prayers and invocations in Old Irish, and Gaulish, with their English translations; as well as prayers in English to Welsh, Irish and Gaulish Gods. The authors and editor also took the time to add a little information on the Gods they pray to and the reasons behind writing their prayers or invocations. Jhenah is honored to have several devotional invocations to the British Goddesses with whom she has worked for decades, as well as a praise poem to Arianrhod included in this compilation.




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