Jhenah Telyndru


Afalarian – Music for the Soul’s Journey


Afalarian. Silver Apple. The fruit of the Otherworld which bestows healing, wisdom, and eternal bliss. In Celtic Tradition, poetry and song were two ways of expressing the spark of inspiration, known as Awen or Imbas, which were gifts from the Divine and which set fire to the soul.Afalarian is a collaboration of two women seeking to taste the wondrous fruit of Avalon, the silver apple of wisdom and self knowledge, while hoping to receive some of the blessings of Awen along the way. The music they make is a reflection of this journey, and they invite you to come along…

The Loom single swirls and builds and weaves energy, all while seamlessly bridging musical styles ranging from medieval chant, to Renaissance instrumentals, to modern Pagan Folk with a touch of Gothic influence.
About Afalarian

Lori Schneider has been studying and performing music since her early childhood. Through the years she has developed a broad versatility as a vocalist while performing in an array of musical styles including rock, folk, blues, big band and Indian Music. In the early 1990?s she was the founding member of Crystal Rose, a popular rock/pop/folk female duo. This was where she began to seriously develop her talents as a composer, as well as her instrumental capabilities on piano, flute, and guitar. To support the release of two albums, she performed in many small theatres and festivals in the Northeastern United States, and had the honor to sing the national anthem at Shea Stadium for 5 consecutive years. In early 2001 she began further developing an ongoing solo project, resulting in the 2004 CD release Legend:A Knight’s Opera, a medieval rock opera, containing an eclectic range of influences from classical, progressive rock, folk and world music.

In early 2005, Lori chose to explore her long term interest in Indian Music, inspiring the release of her 2007 CD Evergreen Heart. Her studies included the exploration of Indian Ragas, vocal Bhajans, as well as learning to play harmonium, tambour and Bansuri Flute.  This led her into an in-depth study of Nada Yoga, which within the Eastern Traditions explores mantras and sound vibrations as tools for healing and spiritual development. In addition, Lori continues her long term study in western classical piano, and is strongly committed to her private teaching practice.

With so many influences, the common thread that continues to run through all her musical endeavors is her quest for spiritual growth.

“Music should always uplift and expand us in some way. I’ve come full circle, returning once again to my spiritual roots within the Women’s Mysteries. The Goddess has always been an ever present link and a never-ending source of inspiration. After many twists and turns it is wonderful to have returned once again to the world of Avalon, re-awakening that creative fire within. Jhenah is an amazing woman and she never ceases to inspire me and instill a feeling of empowerment through her example. Afalarian is so dear to my heart and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to re-visit these beautiful chants and make them come to life in whatever way they see fit.”

Jhenah Telyndru has been singing and writing songs for as long as she can remember, and has performed vocally since she was a young child. While in High School, she studied voice with a former member of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, and took voice classes in college. “I remember sitting in the dressing room at Carnegie Hall, where I was performing as a member of the Brooklyn Borough Wide Chorus, and staring into the mirror … imagining all of the famous — and not so famous — people who had seen themselves reflected there. It was both a humbling and empowering moment. I felt like I was a part, even in some small way, of a powerful lineage of women and men for whom music meant the world.” Jhenah has always loved singing in community, especially as a reflection of her spirituality, and has participated in choirs and choruses all of her life, both as a member and a soloist. While she primarily considers herself a singer/songwriter, Jhenah has entered into flirtation with a variety of instruments, including: piano, harp, recorder, tin whistle, djembe, and bodhran. She facilitates chanting and drumming circles, presents workshops on chanting and sacred sound, and uses chant and toning in healing ceremonies.

Jhenah is best known as an author and teacher in the Pagan Community. She is the founder of the Sisterhood of Avalon, Academic Director of the Avalonian Thealogical Seminary, and facilitates pilgrimages to sacred sites in the British Isles. She is the author of Avalon Within: A Sacred Journey of Myth, Mystery and Inner Wisdom (Llewellyn 2010), the creator of a unique system of trance journey postures presented on the beautiful instructional DVD Trancing the Inner Landscape: Avalonian Landscape Posturesand has recorded a spoken word album of guided meditation entitledJourneys to Avalon: Immrama to the Holy Isle. It is her work in the Avalonian Tradition, and deep studies — both formal and spiritual –  of the history, lore, and traditions of the Celtic Britons, that has inspired the songs she has shared through Afalarian.

“Words cannot express how blessed I feel to be collaborating with Lori on this project. She is incredibly gifted, a consummate professional, and deeply connected to the ways in which spirit expresses itself through us in music. The alchemy building between us is pure magic! I hope you think so, too!”