Jhenah Telyndru


A gathering of some of the interviews Jhenah has participated in over the years.

Video and Radio Interviews


Jhenah was pleased to participate in an interview with James Stone of The Forbidden Frequency at PantheaCon 2016. Authors, presenters, and attendees were asked a series of questions, and their responses were compiled into the multipart series presented below:



Part One: “What has been the most transformative tool or experience for you?”


Part Two: “What is the next step the Pagan community needs to take in order to grow, both internally and externally?”


Part Three: “What do you bring to PantheaCon?”


Part Four: “What does PantheaCon bring to you?”


Part Five: “Pagan Leaders Discuss Their Gods and Goddesses”



Llewellyn Author Chat at PantheaCon, February 18, 2011


Keltoi Radio

Interview on Keltoi Radio, March 11, 2011

Watch live streaming video from keltoiradio at livestream.com

Voices of the Sacred Feminine interview with Karen Tate –  June 19, 2014

Print Interviews


“A Visit with Jhenah Telyndru: The Many Paths of the Priestess” , SageWoman, Issue 93: Sovereignty. 2018. Interview by Johanna van der Hoeven.

“Goddess Power: Ninefold Festival Welcomes Women of Ithaca to Paganism”, Ithaca Times, September 27, 2017.

Eternal Haunted Summer – Summer Solstice, 2017

Eternal Haunted Summer – Summer Solstice, 2013

Harvesting the Authentic Self“, The Temple Bell – Official Newsletter of the Temple of Witchcraft – Lammas, 2013, by Raye Snover.

The Nature of Women’s Spirituality, with Patricia Anderson – Spring 2010

Voices of  Modern Druidrywith Issac Bonewits, RJ Stewart, and Jhenah Telyndru. PanGaia – Autumn 2005, #42 – Celtic Spirituality – Cover Story




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